Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Offday: Episode 1

I must admit - I accepted the invitation to write here knowing full-well I would not have nearly the amount of time I wished I had to scribe my thoughts on the Mets. And while I don't miss a game, either via my seats in 704B, SNY, WFAN, MLB Gameday Audio, or my Slingbox - finding the time to author is a tad bit tricker.

However, I have realized there will some days where I have an extra 3+ hours available to me -- the off-day. And so I commit to you, the 2 or 3 readers of Home Run Apple, to share with you my thoughts on the days where we have nothing else to talk about, in relation to the Mets, except the past.

Thoughts on 4/26/2007:

  • I have yet to see the "moxy" that I saw from last year's team. Tuesday's extra-inning win against the Rockies was a flash, but it still feels like some small bit of that character is missing. Is Floyd a greater loss than we thought?
  • Moving the turnstiles to board the 7-train is a welcome improvement at Shea. It's not perfect, but it's better.
  • Gotta give Pelfrey one more start. C'mon kid, we know you got the stuff. We saw it in the spring.
  • Every time I see Kevin Berkhart on SNY, he looks happier than a kid in a candy store. Think this dude found his dream job? Sure beats giving the 20/20 on WFAN, doesn't it Kevin? I'd guess WFAN isn't the happiest place to be these days, anyhow.
  • I'm curious of everyone's opinions of the SNY in-game interview (recent guests include HoJo, Rick Down, and Tom Nieto). I'm not a fan. I'm not sure Gary is either.
  • I refuse to worry, at this point, about Wright not hitting. If he's still not hitting by the next installment of The Offday, maybe I'll worry a little more.
  • I kinda wonder, when Willie needs a pinch hitter, if he just closes his eyes and points to someone. Whatever works, dude...
  • Dear In-Game Entertainment Team: You realize no one is singing along to Sweet Caroline in the 8th, right? That's because it's embarrassing, and everyone knows it belongs to Fenway Park. For years I fight to rid us of the Wave, I come so close, and now I must go on a new crusade? No rest for the weary...
  • It worries me that I'm most comfortable with Smith and Burgos coming out of the bullpen. I'm glad to see them perform well, but c'mon Arron - stop moping around and get some 1-2-3 innings under your belt.
  • How come everyone can score runs off Bob Wickman except the Mets?
  • I lobbied hard against Green in the spring. Sorry.

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