Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stat-Fest!!! #2

Off days are nice for the team. It gives everyone a little much needed rest. It also frees up about 3 hours of my life. The inevitable result of which is the 2nd edition of Stat-Fest!

  • The Mets are batting .295 as a team easily leading the majors. Even more impressive is that our numbers include pitchers, the next 3 teams are AL teams. In 2nd, is that other New York team hitting .281. The next NL team is the Fish at .273.
  • 4 starters are hitting over .300, Alou (.377), Reyes (.356), Green (.351), and Beltran (.337). Endy (.412) and El Duque (.308) are also over .300 in limited PAs.
  • The Mets also lead the league in Slugging % (.470), On-Base % (.368), and, obviously, OPS (.838).
  • The Mets lead the majors in Stolen Bases (21), lead by Reyes (12), Beltran (4), and Wright (3).
  • The Mets lead the majors in Team ERA (2.88) and Bullpen ERA (2.27). The pitching staff has allowed the fewest Earned Runs (58) and fewest Hits /9 innings in the majors (7.31).
  • The Mets have the best record / winning % in the NL and are tied with the Red Sox for the best mark in the majors (13-7 / .650).
  • The Mets have committed the 3rd fewest errors (9) and have the 3rd best fielding % (.988) in the majors.
  • Jose Reyes leads the majors in SBs (12) and Triples (5), and leads the NL in Runs Scored (23). Which put him on pace for 97 SBs, 40 Triples, and an astonishing 186 Runs Scored.
  • Green, Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, and Wright have played in all 20 games for the Mets this season.
  • Green leads the Mets in BA against Righties (.414).
  • Beltran leads the Mets in BA against Lefties (.500). Reyes and Lo Duca are tied for 2nd (.429). In fact, as a team the Mets are batting .352 against lefties this season in 182 ABs to lead the majors. One of greatest weaknesses last season has turned into a strength.
  • 2 Mets starters have an OPS over 1. Reyes (1.049) and Beltran (1.027). Easley (1.190), Castro (1.089), and Endy (1.059) are over 1 in limited PAs.
  • The Mets BA is .047 higher on the road than at Shea (.320 vs. .273). Their OPS is .122 higher (.902 vs. .780). The Mets 6-5 at home, while they are 7-2 on the road.
  • Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano have not allowed an earned run yet this season. Smith has set the record for most consecutive scoreless appearances to begin his career with the Mets. In addition to Smith and Feliciano, Burgos, Schoenweis, Sele, and Wagner have not allowed an ER on the road.
  • Believe it or not, despite leading the Mets in losses (2), Aaron Heilman has the lowest WHIP on the team (.90). He has only walked 1 batter this season.
  • El Duque leads the Mets in Ks (25) and IPs (32.0). As many bases have been stolen against El Duque (5) as the rest of the pitching staff combined.
  • Dr. Ollie leads the team in K/9 (9.37).
  • Our 2 most effective relievers, Smith and Feliciano are on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of pitches / IP. Smith is the most efficient on the team (13.45) while Feliciano is the least efficient (22.20).

Let's Go Mets!!!

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